The Lai Autonomous District Council Industries Department holds an important role in the Lai Autonomous District Council’s area. It encourages and promotes small-scale and ancillary Industry units, including agri-based industries.  With funds received from Planning & Development Department, Lai Autonomous District Council, the Department take proper steps in assisting rural & urban artisans who are financially backward and unable to purchase tool & equipment to start their own Business and profession, hence, the following items/points are this Department’s achievement during  2014-2015.


1) Production-cum- Training Centre including main of training centre :-During 2014-2015, the Lai Autonomous District Council Industries Department constructed Handloom production-cum-Training centre, and organized training on  handloom, weaving and handicraft  etc. During this period,  20 persons completed their training course with good quality. On the other hand, maintenance fund is also used for smooth running of the said Centre.


2) Purchase & Distribution of Sewing Machine :- During 2014-2015 the Lai Autonomous District Council Industry Department purchase 40 nos. of sewing machine and distribute it to 40 persons who has successfully completed training course to start their own business or profession.


3) Purchase and maintenance of Burmese Loom/Zo Loom:-  During 2014-2015, the Department purchased Burmese Loom (or Zo Loom) for giving training on handloom weaving at the production cum-Training Centre. This Production Centre also contributed to the revenue of Lai Autonomous District Council, which, in turn, is used for maintaining loom parts i.e. replacing reed, fly shuttle, bobbin, spindle machine, design making, and warping drum etc.


4) Training Expense’s for Handloom Designer / weaver’s /Handicraft:- The Lai Autonomous District Council Industries Department got opportunity to develop unskilled  worker to enhance their skills through various training programmes. More than 20 trainees were given stipend. This programme can be called a success as 80% of our trainees have already started their own business.


5) Wage’s of handloom weaver’s:       During 2014-2015. The Lai Autonomous District Council provide wages to 12 Handloom weavers at the Handloom Production Centre. The Centre produces  different type of cloth including Lai traditional  dresses like Hnika, Kawlhni, men and women’s coats, shawls, neckties, mufflers, traditional bags and curtains for offices all of which is available to the public at a subsidy of 50% and more than Rs. 2 Lakhs of sale proceed had been submitted to the Revenue collection.


6) Organizing of Exhibition & Seminar:- The Lai Autonomous District Council industries Department have organized exhibition for public and those who need to buy our production of handloom, handicraft in 50% discount rate. The department also organized seminars to upgrade the skilled & unskilled artisans, while & matter of policy of different sector has been expressed & studied with department officer & engaged resource persons.