The Information & Public Relations Department of Lai Autonomous District Council has been playing a vital and crucial role by highlighting the activities and developmental work undertaken by the Council and thus a source of information for the people.


           The Department functions to achieve its objectives and goals through dissemination and transmission of information, publicity and public relations. The Department utilized multi-media for effective publicity and perform a signal service in acting as a bridge between the public and the Council and to create awareness among all section of the people on Government policies, plans and programmes intended for their welfare and development.


ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS: The department discharged the following key function successfully as assigned :

1) Publicized the activities and programme of the Council and maintain liaison with the press and media personnel.


2) All the advertisements, both display and classified are routed through I&PR Department for release. The Department had released 65 advertisement as on 4th march 2016.


3) The Department subscribed local and regional newspaper for Council .

1. Vanglaini.

2. The Aizawl Post.

3. The Zozam Times.

4. Lairam.

5. Rameng.

6. The Lawngtlai Post.

7. Rauthla.

8. Phawngpui Express.

9. Lai Aw


4. The department is responsible for the publication of a quarterly journal, “Council Aw”, an official organ of the LADC which highlighted the activities and achievement of all the department under the LADC. The Department also printed 9000 nos. of “2016 Council Calendar” for free distribution to the public.


5. The Department is keeping the people informed about the service made available for them by the Council.


6. Visual media is an important tools of information & communication. The Department perform coverage of:-

  1. All programmes of CEM / EM’s.

  2. VIP visits.

  3. All important event, programmes and meeting of all the Department.



Sd/- V. Biakkunga
Information & Public Relations Officer
Lai Autonomous District Council